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Sproton “Space is too far so we’ll stay on Earth” Layer

March 10, 2010

Sproton Layer were a High School garage band from Michigan that recorded one LP and 45 in 1969, what makes them special is their hip pedigree and much more importantly their spaced out triumphant Trumpet punk tunes. Hearing the songs and following the members later paths doesn’t make thems as interesting it would be if they were a bunch of nobodies who went on to be accountants or deceased, but that’s a stupid and nerdy thing to get caught up on anyway. So who was in the band? Well Roger Miller of Mission Of Burma and his lil’ bro’s Ben and Laurence who went on to be in Destroy All Monsters. I guess they described their sound as “Syd Barrett fronting Cream.” While i’m only a fan of half that equation, i’m a full supporter of Sproton Layer. True, there may be some definite Barrett/ Floyd loving going on, but the distant and vague focus of vocals seems to be a classic swing and miss for the best results. The aforementioned Trumpet is one of my favorite aspects of their tunes, really sounding perfectly peculiar and off putting in an engaging and (once again) triumphant way. The structure of the songs is pretty anti-pop and avant-prog brainiac business which by my interpretation means they were on their way to totally sucking if they were able to hone their “sound” any further. Phew, thanks for calling that one quits and moving on boys.

Listen to a sample HERE

Download: With Magnetic Fields Disrupted by Sproton Layer