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A long, lonely trek to the Ego Summit

April 6, 2010

A group of dudes, probably equal amounts legend and failure in their own minds and neither to the greater consciousness, put on their favorite pair of sweat pants and buy some brew on the way over to the barn they’re all meeting up at to record some tunes as a team. Why get the whole gang together to dick around on a four track in a barn in the middle of Harrisburg, Ohio? Posterity? The hopes of combining forces into something magical? A greater musical ambition? Probably, no. Some people just play music because it’s the only time they’re happy, or rather the only time they’re not sad. Ego Summit is a strange super group on the scale of a group of naturalists who saved a rare quail from being extinct even though 99% of the world would have never known it had ever existed. Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Bassholes, V-3, Vertical Slit, Siltbreeze, Times New Viking all were either bands these guy were in or were entities that they effected greatly. Each of the five guys involved contributed songs and while some are stinkers, some are monsters. It’s a really neat record and document, especially if you’re a fan of their other work. It’s a desperate sound of some talented people who come off as more defeated than lazy. Luckily for everyone who cares, it was recorded for posterity and it is pretty magical but it’s certainly not ambitious. Thank goodness.

Download: Ego Summit – The Room Isn’t Big Enough