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Just call me lil’ Hype Williams

May 1, 2010

more videos i made for some all time best bros :

Rough Kids

Allah Las

Never Take Reality Over a Dream

December 13, 2009

It’s getting cold and that’s ok

November 20, 2009

YouTube Ruler Alert

July 7, 2009

A one suburbanbatherson has been putting together tons of videos for all kindsa great songs using odds and ends from British TV’s past and posting them on Youtube. The results are great and there are tons of stuff i’ve never heard of too, which is always exciting. So check out his full list of videos here and you are welcome for giving you yet another source of life sucking internet entertainment. May we all enjoy our eyes being burned out of our heads in the next few years.

and now you still have almost 150 more videos to watch…

The Forest City Rockers

January 28, 2009

You can find both Mayyors 7″s HERE

I wanted to wear a cape but all the other Aces just made fun of me…

December 4, 2008

If you have 20 minutes on your hands, I recommend watching these two videos…

It’s not always easy being in a band with yourself

I Am The Goose Of The Moon

November 20, 2008

A pretty bizarre oddity from the impossibly prolific Billy B. Childish Esq. that certainly isn’t rare, but pretty obscure. Being buried in a career of living in the thee garage, this album sees our favorite boy child hop and skip his way into the bedroom for some late night musings and ramblings with an old poet pal Sexton Ming creating what i think is the most unique recordings of his career (or what percentage of it i’ve heard!). This is no Wray/Hendrix/Sutch/Diddley worship we all love and expect from Billy, in fact the only instruments heard are a tiny chord organ and some kind of string instrument that sounds some where between a ukulele and standard six string acoustic guitar. The songs themselves are often not songs at all, one in particular is just a reading about different bird species and their attributes. This album is weird, whimsical, nonsensical, indulgent, grating and in the end one of the best things this guy has ever done.

Download: Here Come The Fleece Geese

The Verlaines

November 17, 2008

This album of collected EPs and singles by one of New Zealand’s finest, and yet another standout of the Flying Nun roster, The Verlaines has been one of my most listened to records of the past year. Great sound, stellar songs and no fancy gimmicks to get in the way. I’m a big fan ( 6′ 1 and a half” ). Watch the videos and find out for yourself.

Download: The Verlaines – Juvenilia

Part 1 / Part 2

The Ledge!

November 11, 2008

X-Aspirations Is My Favorite Australian Record Ever

November 3, 2008


Updated: 1/15/08: Well, the post was full of lies, Lies, LIES! A friendly reader brought brought them to my attention, and not surprisingly he was dead on. Here’s what he said,

“The singer of X did NOT bail !! His name is Steve Lucas.He plays guitar AND does the vocals on X-Aspirations,as well as all X albums.If you listen to the `Home is where the floor is` clip,you can hear two voices.Lucas is the main vocalist,and does the scream/shriek before the `lead break`.Ian Rilen sings the backing vocals.”

There you have it, and after re-reading the insert i have from the LP it turns out the second guitar player was the bozo who bailed right before recording of what was supposed to be a single, but turned into the album. Lucas said that his guitar playing was in part trying to compensate for the loss and to  keep up the ace rhythm section. So there you have it. Thanks Sean!!!!

Obviously not the same porno reading bozos from LA. For my money Australian X wipes the floor with LA X, not that it is in any way a crime to like them both, but i bring it up because they were both late seventies punk bands who have pretty dedicated cult followings. If there’s any Rose Tattoo fans out there, the late Ian Rilen was a key member of this rough little outlet, actually taking over lead vocal duties just days before recording this whole album after the band’s front man lost interest and bailed. I know little factoids like that are really nerdy but it’s pretty interesting to figure that something like your lead singers quitting days before you are supposed to record your hit album would seem like a pretty big problem but somehow it was probably the best thing that could have happened and actually was pretty integral in boosting this album from good to great, completely serendipitously. Rilen’s vocals are unpolished and as raw as some marsupial butchered on the hood of your car speeding through a back road outside of Melbourne. But what really does it for me is the killer rhythm section that undeniably propels this band into greatness

Don’t Miss This Album.

Hear: X – Lipstick

X – Batman

Download: X-Aspirations By X


Home Is Where The Floor Is 3 Song EP

Did i just say (in so many words) i like this better than The Saints? I don’t know if i really mean that.