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Summr Jams *09 / / / Vol. 3

June 3, 2009

oh, FUCK!

Volume 3 has landed and i think it’s the best of the bunch. Sonny & the Sunsets got the top slot and being San Francisco’s best reclusive homebody band they deserve a little attention. “Chapters” is a hit in every sense of the word, its timeless boogie woogie and doe eyed earnest positivity is just as undeniable as it is adorable. I’ve been listening to it everyday, rain or shine, and it has its best effect under duress of sunshine. Just something to keep in mind. The rest of the mix is pretty much drowning in killer tunes, some of which being featured on this site before and others not. Also, if you haven’t noticed yet each of the three volumes end with a special dreamy come down jam that is meant to hit right as that sun sets or rises after some life affirming fun that the squares just couldn’t and wouldn’t ever understand. Here’s to a lovely summer where ever you are. 

  1. Sonny & The Sunsets – Chapters
  2. Victims – Anette
  3. Tall Dwarfs – Nothing’s Going To Happen
  4. Van Dyke Parks – The Attic
  5. Surf City – Headin’ Inside
  6. Velvet Underground – Guess I’m Falling In Love
  7. Som Imaginario – Morse
  8. The Troggs – The Raver
  9. The Strapping Fieldhands – Battle Down The Quarter Mile
  10. Tomorrow – Now Your Time Has Come
  11. Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band – I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window
  12. Sparks – Talent Is An Asset
  13. Television Personalities – This Time There’s No Happy Ending
  14. The Traditional Fools – Get Off My Back
  15. Tim Cohen – Oh Oh Oh
  16. Eddy Detroit – Who Knows The Land
  17. Woods – Gypsy Hand
  18. The Turtles – Surfer Dan
  19. Simpletones – California
  20. Spacemen 3 – Sound Of Confusion
  21. Eroc – Kleine Eva

Snatch Up: Vol. 3

Summr Jams *09 / / / Vol. 2

May 27, 2009

Get Bonkers!

Alrite, volume two up now and the third in the trilogy coming next week. Hope everyone enjoyed number one, if that wasn’t enough to keep you satiated for the week i’ll plug Summr Jams 2k8 one more time. Give them a try on for size, you might like them better than 2k9. Magic first track is by the totally riteous Further, introduced to me by Monsieur Matthew Correia a little while back. They were some of the folks who went on to be in Beachwood Sparks and The Tyde, never really listened to either but i hear some good things. Anyway, “California Bummer” is total shredder that’s perfectly distorted and catchy with that amazing twitchy spazzed out guitar and helium vocals. Pretty perfect video, too. Go get ’em, ya yahoos!

  1. Further – California Bummer
  2. Kurt Vile – Freeway
  3. The Sharades – Dumb Head
  4. La Dusseldorf – White Overalls
  5. OCS – Along The Way
  6. Miss S’Modern – S’Modern
  7. Sic Alps – Who has Time To Protest?
  8. Tom Ze – São São Paulo
  9. Pugh Rogefeldt – Föräldralåten
  10. The Moonbears – We Are Bi Bi Ba Ba Boum Boum
  11. The Monochrome Set – Adeste Fideles
  12. The End – People Talk
  13. First Base – Can’t Stop
  14. The Only Ones – City Of Fun
  15. Orange Juice – Blue Boy
  16. Rockin’ Horse – Biggest Gossip In Town
  17. Roky Erickson – Starry Eyes
  18. Public Nuisance – America
  19. The Saints – Security
  20. Serge Gainsbourg – Shu Ba Du Ba Loo Ba
  21. Michael Rother – Karussell

Journey To The Jam

Summr Jams *09 / / / Vol.1

May 20, 2009


Three volumes, 65 Songs, 3.4 hours (thanks iTunes) of sunburn inducing, curl ripping, beach ball bopping good times! Babes, Beaches, Bikes, Basketball, BBQ, Brews… Intentions for the mix’s were first and foremost to command and conquer bad vibes. Secondary intentions were to hopefully turn some ears on to some new favorites, maybe incite a dance party, provide ambiance to an already killer event or simply give you a break from whatever you are bored of listening to.

Each volume is roughly alphabetically sectioned to cut down on the silly task of organizing and sequencing 65 songs and the first on each volume is an specially chosen tune that i wanted to highlight for it’s all encompassing qualities of everything i wanted these mix’s to be. This first song by Happiness, called Track 13 because it came off of a cdr with no song titles, is the best thing i’ve heard from one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets Gerard Padwan. I hope i’m spelling that right. His old band Kool Teen ruled real hard and he’s been using the Happiness moniker for a few years now recording pretty consistently in his house, i do believe. The dude is a real talent with a heart’o gold. Enjoy!

  1. Happiness – Track 13
  2. King Tuff – Dancing On You
  3. The Action – Never Ever
  4. Can – I Want More
  5. Bo Diddley – Elephant Man
  6. The Hooterville Trolley – No Silver Bird
  7. Alex Chilton – With A Girl Like You
  8. The Fresh & Only’s – Come Dance With Me
  9. The Baroques – Rose Colored Glasses
  10. Chubby Checker – Stoned In The Bathroom
  11. Beach Boys – How She Boogalooed It
  12. The Equals – Softly Softly
  13. Jorge Ben – Crioula
  14. Brian Sands – Hawaiian Spongecake Holiday
  15. Bona Dish – Sand
  16. Box Elders – Hole In My Head
  17. Chris Stamey – Summer Sun
  18. Broken Strings – Eyes Of The World
  19. Giorgio Moroder – Underdog
  20. The Bitters – Can you Keep A Secret?
  21. Big Boys – Fun Fun Fun
  22. Harmonia – Notre Dame

Journey To the Jams
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Summr Jams #3

June 11, 2008

Well, here is the final set. I do hope this comp can be the soundtrack to some rad cheap beer fueled beach parties, PCH windows down cruising or blasted through scotch taped life support headphones in a stuffy office. Actual albums, singles, songs to come soon. Like later today probably.

SummrJams #3

1. Nothing In My Life By The Brothers Hawk
2. Hello I Love You By The Pets
3. See Emily Play By Pink Floyd
4. Just Want (Your Attention) By Protex
5. Strawberry Man By Public Nuisance
6. thème pour la mort By evolution phase 1
7. Milk Shake By R. Stevie Moore
8. Time Bomb High School By The Reigning Sound
9. Open Up Your Door By Richard & The Young Lions
10. I Am An Astronaut By Ricky Wilde
11. Don’t Shake Me Lucifer By Roky Erickson
12. Songs of Praise By Roy Wood
13. I Must Be In Love By The Rutles
14. California Here I Come By Shocking Blue
15. Positive Vibrations By The Soft Boys
16. S’Cool Days By Stanley Frank
17. Nothing’s Going To Happen By Tall Dwarfs
18. Picture My Face By Teenage Head
19. Give It To Me By The Troggs
20. Coming Down By The United States of America
21. Son Of A Gun By The Vaselines
22. Who Loves the Sun By The Velvet Underground
23. Ring Worm By Van Morrison

Summr Jams #2

June 10, 2008
Looks like Flamin Groovies made it on a second time, not really a problem though, Shake Some Action is a pretty impossible song to get tired of.

Download it Here

1. Tweedle-Dee Tweedle-Dum By The Brothers Hawk
2. Shake A Tail Feather By Five Du-Tones
3. Shake Some Action By The Flamin’ Groovies
4. don’t rely on me By The Gangsters
5. Romeo By Gino Washington
6. hold onto the rail By The Great Unwashed
7. Never Knew By Hank Ballard & the Midnighters
8. Divorce Proceeding (From Reality) By The Homosexuals
9. Sitting In My Tree By The Idle Race
10. Camel Walk By The Ikettes
11. On nous cache tout, on nous di By Jacques Dutronc
12. Never Understand By The Jesus and Mary Chain
13. Motor Boat By Jimmy Jukebox
14. Waddlin’ Around By The King Khan & BBQ Show
15. Holiday In Waikiki By The Kinks
16. Comanche By Link Wray
17. Eclipse By Los Dug Dug’s
18. Guitars And Bongos By Lou Christie
19. Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance To The Radio By M.O.T.O.
20. Government center By Modern Lovers
21. Shimmy Like Kate By The Olympics
22. Happy Nightmare Baby By Opal
23. Happyville By The Outsiders
24. Drive Me Crazy By The Penetrators

Summr Jams

June 10, 2008

So I’ve started blogging. Guess I’m just a product of my time, really. This is part one of a three part compilation i put together a few months ago when a rare bout of warm weather convinced me summer was afoot and an on the effin go iPod mix was necessary to get me through the arduous day being stuck in the claustrophobia inducing attic i work in while so many others reveled in the warmth and freedom of a uniquely pleasant and energizing Saturday afternoon. I’ve listened to this mix a few times and stand behind it regardless of its total lack of sequencing and it’s many obvious omissions. (Beach Baby by First Class anyone, no Beach Boys at all???? WHOOPS) It’s a good primer of my taste in tunes, from cheesy pop to grating art damaged aural gunk, it all makes sense to these ears. Like i said, it’s not sequenced at all except the first song on each volume is by The Brothers Hawk. They are nobodies from either China or Malaysia who cashed on westernized pop music and produced a sound that i fell in love with since the first time they graced my ears. Anyway, welcome to Biannual Haircut.

1. Funny Funny (A Go Go) By The Brothers Hawk
2. Aligator Man By Alex Chilton
3. Cestlamode BY Annie Philippe
4. Hot Dog By The Archies
5. Bam Bam Battering Ram By the ARROWS
6. I Enjoy Being a Boy By Banana Splits
7. Summer Fun By the Barracudas
8. O My Soul By Big Star
9. dirty hands By Black Lips
10. L’appareil a sous By Bridgette Bardot
11. Whatever Happened To Fun By Candy
12. Son Of My Father By Chicory Tip
13. I Love My Leather Jacket By The Chills
14. Tally Ho! By The Clean
15. So Long Supernova By Comus
16. 13th Harley By Davie Allan & The Arrows
17. By Morning I’m Gone BY The Deadly Snakes
18. Looking For The Magic By Dwight Twilley
19. My Confusion By The Elite
20. Green Light By The Equals
21. Give Me That Look In Your Eyes By The Fans
22. girl after girl By The Fevers
23. Shake A Tail Feather By Five Du-Tones
24. Shake Some Action By The Flamin’Groovies