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Let’s Get Interactive

September 10, 2008

Time for something new around here, something i hope to come up with fairly regularly. I pick a video or some imagery and a song that works as certain catalyst to the equation, and BOOOM magic happens. That’s the hope anyway. It’s an effort to make for a fuller experience out of both the visual and the audio, the exact type of thing a movie soundtrack attempts to do but usually falls flat in the end. I think these work pretty well, but i’d be interested to know if i was the only one.

Instructions are simple:

1. Load The Video, Mute Video Volume

2. Click Song Link, Play Song

3. Watch/Listen

Repeat With Next Example

1. Ok, first one here is a group of stills from an abandoned home shot movie titled Body Order, not sure what the movie was about but you get the idea from the decimated kids strewn about the images it was fairly bleak. There is some back story in the link as well which helps these assumptions along.

Body Order Images

Song: “Hiroshima” By Alexander Von Borsig. There is some pretty heavy feedback for the first minute of the song, skip through that and then click through the images.

2. i have already posted, but i’m not sure how many people actually went through the process, so here it goes again.

Song: “Summer Sun” By Chris Stamey

3. Next, we have a video intended to put the Motorik sound to the test.

Song: “After Eight” By Neu!

4. And finally, for this first run anyway, a combo as nostalgic and whimsical as i could possibly come up with.

Song: “Fly” by J.K. & Co.