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What’s The Hubub Bub?

March 10, 2009

More Tronics up for the frothing masses today, this time their earliest stuff. Ziro Baby, and crew sure were masters of that Hobo Pop song writing that many in the Messthetics, Homework, D.I.Y. shambling rockandroll spectrum head for but rarely deliver on. If you were a fan of the previously featured Love Backed By Force LP, but maybe wished it had a bit more energy or scruff to it, your ship has come in and it’s a lovely floating shack held together by bong resin and bubblegum. The contents of the link below is the What’s The Hubub Bub cassette and the songs from the first three singles. The Cassette is an interesting listen and there is some great inspiration to be taken from it, but you’re getting your real value in those singles. For these ears, they’re a standard of quality in the leagues of the first Modern Lovers LP, Television Personalities or R. Stevie Moore’s more coherent tunes. I’m thinking this is a really good model for a band. Put your best songs on singles, and only on singles. Full lengths give you so much more space to be creative, take some chances and work for something that fits together as a whole. A single should be reserved for those tunes that stand on their own so solidly that putting them next to anything else is going weaken them and anything else around them. Maybe i’m rambling and should call it a day. Good idea. Enjoy. Bye Bye.

Download: What’s The Hubub Bub? + First three singles

Hoosier Hysteria!

September 4, 2008

In my brain the Sex Pistols and The Beatles will always be lumped together for the one reason that they have influenced and inspired music i find infinitely more interesting than anything they ever produced themselves. The Sex Pistols are guilty of promoting the image of punk more than the sound, but that sound still blew many impressionable kids minds and inspired them to greatness i would argue surpasses Malcolm’s gang of twats. The small but incredibly rich “New Wave” scene in Bloomington, Indiana produced two bands who had really different sounds but very similar approach.

Dem two being The Gizmos and Dow Jones And The Industrials who after each releasing a killer debut single collaborated on a split LP simply titled Hoosier Hysteria. Technically there was an earlier version of the Gizmos who were around putting out really great records themselves from about 75-77, but they disbanded and an entirely new version of the band was constructed. Weird, but that’s how it goes. Anyway, while the Gizmos were much more poppy and straight forward r’n’r compared to Dow Jones’ angular Eno inspired electronic additions and buzzzzzing flourishes, but they both have their merits and certainly deserve a place in your heart.

Packaged here is Dow Jones And The Industrials classic single “Can’t Stand The Midwest” The Gizmos “Never Mind The Sex Pistols, Here’s The Gizmos” single and the Hoosier Hysteria LP.

Download: Gizmos & Dow Jones And The Industrials.


Gizmos – “1978”

Dow Jones And The Industrials – “Can’t Stand The Midwest”

If the Gizmos blow any one’s mind let me know since there is plenty more material of theirs around that is solid. Dow Jones has rumors of more material existing but i’m yet to see it. Anyone out there got some info on this?

I Want a Blowjob, I Want a Hot Dog

August 19, 2008

This should have been posted way earlier in summer, but it obviously dawned on me a bit late. Not to worry, the genius you are about to embark upon when you download these four songs will serve you well till the end of time. Proper procedure here is download the record, then watch the video so your download will be done by the time the video is over.

Sneaky Pinks!!!

Before Television, Before Heartbreakers, Before Voidoids

August 18, 2008

we had the Neon Boys. Good ol’ Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine’s first collaboration before the Television trials and tribulations, the glorified junkies known as The Heartbreakers, and artpunk poetics of the Voidoids. Apparently this group only existed for about a year (72-73) and half these songs on the e.p. are very early, if not the first, Richard Hell and the Voidoids recordings. So technically there is only two Neon Boys songs, but i lump them all together for better or worse. These five songs are really great and not only preview what all the members were capable of, they stand up incredibly well on their own. The song “Don’t Die” is my personal favorite and it will forever boggle my mind why this song got tossed off through the years and never surfaced in any other project featuring these two rebel rousers. Check out the video below for the original version of “Love Come In Spurts”, one of the highlights of this record. 

Download the Neon Boys!

Ronnie Bird’s Sad Soul and Tired Mind

July 28, 2008

Here we have the absolute pinnacle of the adorable Frenchmen Ronnie Bird’s career. He was a big hit from 65-67 doing that tried and true Brit style r&b garage often taking songs sung in English and singing them in his native tongue with new and often strange lyrics. For example he takes on “Lies” by the Knickerbockers and mutates it into “Cheese”, the only word actually in English throughout the song. While I do like his R&B stuff just fine, it was above average for it’s style for sure, but he really went to my all time favs list with one of his last singles before calling it quits. Like many of his era, the late sixties took Ronnie away from cute and into the ever swirling, reverberating world of psychedelia where you were only a backwards solo and sugar cube away from reality. This single really isn’t that far-out at all (in a cliche paisleys and rose tinted glasses sort of way), it’s actually quite heavy and over the top in a total wall of sound all out start that demands your attention from the go type. I like it a lot, and have to apologize for the lo-fi MP3s i’m offering. They were the best i could find. Maybe one day i’ll actually own a copy of the record and will here it in its true form, which would be rad. Ok, here ya go.

Ronnie Bird – Sad Soul (1969)
Ronnie Bird – Raining in the City (1969)

Here’s a trailer to some French movie that uses Sad Soul (kicks in about 1.11) Kinda weird but totally cool and a big step up from the Killers or whatever douche gang would be playing if the movie was American Made (trade mark)

Summer’s Always Cold in the Summer Sun

July 21, 2008

Having grown up in southern california, these cloudy, dreary, drizzly San Francisco summer days never sit well with me. What’s worse is it becomes all anybody talks (yeah yeah, i realize the irony here). How fucking boring is talking about the weather, it always bums me out when i catch myself doing it yet I’ve erased this post three times already and then write the same thing. It’s on par with that in depth story your dad told you about his trip to circuit city to exchange his new blue tooth or that one time you accidentally took a test with a No. 3 pencil instead of a No. 2 and your test score came back 0. It’s cloudy and stuff outside, i had to wear an extra layer and a scarf, fascinating isn’t it? Well i’m putting up a single i grabbed from the Boogie Woogie Flu Blog (good shit over there) by Chris Stamey. This was before he started his band the DB’s, and back when Alex Chilton was still using his deranged drug addled pop genius to make great records (more to come on him sometime soon). It’s called Summer Sun and it’s a great little dumper of weirdo pop sunshine with all the aural aesthetics of easy going bubblegum gem but the coy lyrics paint a less then thrilled picture of a jaded soul barking up the wrong love tree. You think that’s a bottle opening and a quick swig to start the song?

Chris Stamey – Summer Sun / Where The Fun Is

Cue up Summer Sun and play this video, it’s pretty great.

Wire – A Question of Degree

July 7, 2008

Sooo I’ve been on a huge Wire kick lately, and feel compelled to try and spread the fever. The focus of the post is an often neglected single from ’78, right after Chairs Missing, right before 154. It’s been included as bonus tracks of the remastered Chairs Missing CD but who wants to bother with that? The A-Side is A Question of Degree; the song is absolutely frantic and as angular as a Geodesic Dome, but the vocals on top are crazy catchy, like some former Bubble Gum prince down on his luck and up on his pills. The B-Side is Former Airline, and the song is a total mess in the best of ways. The term “Art-Damaged” comes to mind. Way too many things goings on that don’t seem to fit, altogether pretty grating and ultimately awesome. A perfect of example of more experimental art and music colliding and actually working. Download

And since i’m feeling generous (i.e. stuck at work with no work to do) I found links to the first three, and the only necessary, Wire albums. If haven’t heard these, you really need to.

Pink Flag ( 1977 )
Chairs Missing ( 1978 )
154 ( 1978 )

And this video of them playing on TV in Germany. There is a whole dvd of this show that is totally worth tracking down on the Bay.