Cleaners From Venus Fridays!

Heeeeeeyyy, I Have Great News!

So, to let you in on a little secret, by far and away the most popular post ever seen on this here rinky dink blug was on the two albums by the Cleaners From Venus. It really wasn’t one of my more well written posts, (and maybe this one is sliding towards the same) which is a shame for how many people have read it but dem’s da breaks and now I’m proud to announce soon to be available 5+ more albums for download right here at thee Biannual Haircut and that gives me 5+ times to come up with a better title and not take cheap shots at Ariel Pink! The deal here is every Friday, till i fuck up or run out of stuff, i’ll put up a new Cleaners From Venus LP.

The craziest thing is how far and wide those previously posted albums spread on the internet and even seem to have lead to some industrious All Stars, from pretty near where i’m from, reissuing Midnight Cleaners, Under Wartime Conditions and In The Golden Autumn on snazzy Cassette!

So, anyways and first off, my buddy Andy who does this great pictureblog, is the one responsible for all these new albums, so visit his site and thank him kindly! Today, to even out the inevitable excitement frenzy, i’m gonna offer up a Cleaners album that was previously available on Andy’s old blog, but in a lower sound quality and only broken up into two cassette sides, rather than track by track. This one today is the improved experience!

I’ll start off writing that Midnight Cleaners is the best Cleaners album i’ve heard. In fact it’s one of the best DIY/ outsider/ pop/ albums i’ve ever heard. As good as Phonography and chasing after Like Flies On Sherbert. Out of the nine songs on here there are seven perfect pop gems, one wacked out dub goof and one spaced sound collage studio jerk off which all work perfectly together. Don’t miss this one if you haven’t heard it yet.

Download: The Cleaners From Venus – Midnight Cleaners

and visit Martin’s website: and tell him he’s a genius and it’s a crime these sounds aren’t available on record.

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One Response to “Cleaners From Venus Fridays!”

  1. lgerard Says:

    I have to agree, Midnight Cleaners is my favorite as well, Wivenhoe Bells II is just a perfect pop song

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