Please, Just Leave Me Here

As is quite common with any music dweeber, I often look back on different parts of history and rather than wishing to travel back in time to see some truly pivotal moment in a cultural movement or an unspeakably inspirational liberation of a war torn city, i dream about going back and seeing bands like Antena play a show to ten people on a Thursday night at The Hacienda. Pretty thrilling, eh? Get a grip, eh? You’re boring, huh? Well even though i’m mostly exaggerating this whole thing it’s not that far from the truth and good ol’ Antena definitely probably had many nights like the one vaguely described above. They put out their first few records in the early eighties on a limp Factory records off shoot label and never did much more until the lead singer went solo and boring. I will say, Antena’s music definitely hits at the fringe of my taste range, and maybe that’s what i like about it. Some songs are incredibly beautiful and weird and scandalously seductive while others are so god damned smooth part of my brain is groovin’ like a gross white dude in a baggy button up and the other half is trying to beat that half up but eventually get’s a mai tai and takes a nap in a hammock. By the end of the album everyone is happy and meellllloooowwww.

So what does it sound like?? Well if you can imagine a tasteful mix of Young Marble Giants and Rita Lee’s Os Mutantes tunes than, you’re in and stoked. If this isn’t your thing or i hooked you and yet another over hyped and obscure for a reason “lost” treasure than, I don’t fault you. I just think you should take a warm place vacation and listen to this at sunset.

Download: Camino Del Sol by Antena

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