Exercising Executive Editing

Sooooo, as endless as the well for great garage-psych-pop bands may often seem it is almost guaranteed that a retrospective of their recordings is going to be bogged down with covers, demos and weak weak honkey r&b jive to work as completest padding again the real savory stuff that made So and The Wyld So & So’s so interesting in the fyrst place. So what i have to offer today is personally edited down albums from two real riteous groups of varying obscurity with what i consider to be the essential parts for you to hear. I’m tired of wasting hard drive space being a completest, so if you feel the same, here’s our time to rejoice.

First is Powder from San Jose, who were real big fans of the Who, and Action types doing that freakbeat mod stuff. Sounds kinda like a dull derivative, i know but man, Powder had some truly amazing songs that could have easily been big hits if put in the right hands. They also had a slight downer and moody vibe that added its own season to the soup. Powder’s records are also real rare but they just got a boot/reissue treatment recently so i highly recommend tracking that down before it’s lost to depths of ebay.

Download : Powder – Biff! Bang! Powder!

The Eyes were immortalized on the nuggets 2 comp with their smash hit “I’m Rowed Out”, and while it was a blatant swipe from the Who’s “Can’t Explain” (Thanks J!) it pounds the Who’s original into the ground. Sorry Pete. Luckily for the world they had more tricks up their sleeve and wrote a handful more smashes before turning out a super limp dick album of stones covers and changing their name to The Pupils. I saw the record once and wanted to smash it, what a greedy, dumb and boring decision for a band to quit writing rad songs to be a sad tribute band. Tribute bands are for people without talent, everybody!

Download : The Eyes – The Arrival of The Eyes

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5 Responses to “Exercising Executive Editing”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Great post as always! I’m always up for some freakbeat or powerpop. I always thought “I’m Rowed Out” was a take off of “Can’t Explain” rather than “The Kids Are Alright. I actually like the Eyes version of “Satisfaction” if I remember. It’s got a nasty fuzz sound.

    • robbie Says:

      sheeesh, totally right, Jamie! Thanks for the heads up and kind words, too. The Pupils stuff really isn’t bad on its own, i just hate it because of the context. I just could never imagine why anyone would ever do such a thing, but maybe they got a lot more girls doing the stones covers

  2. Heather Says:

    dude, the “you’re too much” jam is JAMMITY JAM JAM STATUS.

  3. Dara Says:

    Hey there. Good post. Like the blog. Will be popping back for some more hidden gems.

  4. big ern Says:

    I’m tipping The Pupils made a bit more money being a covers band…

    Fantastic blog, btw

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