Toot Toot! Boring List, Dead Ahead!

favs of the year…

1. HunchesExit Dreams

I’ve always been a huge Hunches fan and I really couldn’t have asked for much more in a swan song. This record is unmatched in its ability to mix ferocity, brains and creativity. Listen to it with some good headphones to fully appreciate the amount of craft and ingenuity that went into this record. I wish there was a quadraphonic version. Exit Dreams should make boring “lo-fi” bands like No Age obsolete.

2. Eat SkullWild & Inside

The leap from Sick To Death to this was pretty crazy. This album runs a perfect gamut from big giant pop songs to moody introvert downers all perfectly sequenced for seemless enjoyment. The cool thing is how immediate a lot of the album was and how many layers could be found after more listens. I can’t believe two of my favorite records of the year came from Portland.

2. Fresh & OnlysGrey Eyed Girls

Great dudes, killer band, amazing album. The pop record of the year. Being the worlds most productive band, it’s not too surprising they were able to cull together such a wonderful group of songs, but damn if it doesn’t still make for an exciting and record. Grey Eyed Girls plays like a singles comp with a constant slew of A sides barreling at you. It all fits together fine but many songs have their own feel to them and stand out in their own individual ways which makes the album very adaptable to whatever mood you’re in. Thanks for being so accommodating fellas.

4. Kurt VileConstant Hit Maker/ God is Saying This To You/ Hunchback E.P/ Childish Prodigy

The most popular man on the internet after that WaAaAaAaAaAaAwes fellow, and certainly the more deserving of the time and energy. Childish Prodigy didn’t blow me away liked i hoped it would but it was still great and plenty ambitious. He might not ever be able to top “Freeway”, and that’s ok. I thought the Hunchback E.P. was a real dominator and God Is Saying This To You has a special place in my heart too. Kurt rules, thank goodness someone is throwing gobs of money at him.

5. Blues ControlLocal Flavour

The first song on the album sounds like Kraftwerk covering Hawkwind! I didn’t think that was too possible either, but then it moves on to some real dreamy drone piece and back for a track that sounds like Fela Kuti conducting Joe Meeks electronic Arkestra on Jupiter. Errr, something like that. I’m a big fan of this record, you should be as well.

Honorable Mentions: Grass Widow – S/T, HunchesHome Alone 5, GangliansMonster Head Room, Mantles – S/T, Sonny & The SunsetsTomorrow Is Alright, Tim CohenThe Two Sides of Tim Cohen

Killer Singles – Grass Widow – Lulu’s Lips 12″, Bitters – Warrior 12″, Little Claw – Race To The Bottom, El jesus De Magico – Unclean Ghost, Blues Control – Paul’s Winter Solstice, Nodzzz – True to Life, Rough Kids – Why So Serious?, Mantles – Don’t Lie, R. Stevie Moore – U R True, Real Estate – Fake Blues, Surf City -S/T E.P, Sic Alps – L Mansion, Wounded Lion – Friendly?

2009 was a weird year, but to the best of my recollection i had a good time. It was certainly more exciting than other years i’ve had with lots of good ups and draggin downs, which is always a positive sign if you ask me. Those type of things mean you’re going for it, and hopefully coming out on top and if not at least you’re trying. Here’s to a productive 2010. Thanks for reading this thing.

3 Responses to “Toot Toot! Boring List, Dead Ahead!”

  1. blaark Says:

    Please do not post videos of Sherilyn Fenn dancing– it hurts my heart.

  2. Holly Says:

    Excellent list – thank you very much for reminding me of some late 2008/early 2009 releases that I’ve been neglecting!

  3. robbie Says:

    you are both very very welcome

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