Secrets of the Kinks

I don’t think i’ve ever expressed my love for the kinks on this thing before, so i think it’s time to make up for that. I really love the Kinks. Like, have days more and more where they’re all i really want to listen to. I’ll usually start at Kontroversy though, because i do get tired of the honky R&B shenanigans, but that goes across the board. Kinks got songs i can’t get tired of and am always finding new favorites or ones that hit me harder than they used to. There’s no other band that does this to me, with maybe the exception of John Fahey. Either way picking a favorite Kinks song or album is impossible and useless. I refuse to field such a question. People always ask each other, “beatles or stones, dude?” and there’s nothing wrong with that question but if i had a third option, i know very well what i would chose. Having spent so much time with the core albums it’s real nice to hear something new from their peak period that escaped making it onto their usual albums. The two i offer up today are The Great Lost Kinks Album and Dave Davies never fully released album that got canned for whatever reason, most likely canned with a little help from older, wiser and much more dickish bro, Ray.

The Great Lost Kinks Album came out in 1973 but has been way out of print since then which has always kept it a low profile trajectory. This is a true shame because some of the songs on here are really fantastic. Culled from leftovers mostly around Village Green era as well as really rare b-sides and movie soundtrack songs, the collage-d nature of the album doesn’t seem as it is.  That is to say, it passes very easily as cohesive effort.

On to poor old confused and belittled Dave’s big opus that never was. Word around the block goes, after Dave hit the target with “Death of a Clown” everyone started to either prop him up or knock him down, up from the record company and down from his big brother who was not interested in sharing any of the band’s reigns. The album was none the less planned and slowly worked on for a while but eventually got splintered into solo Dave singles, Kinks album tracks and some of it totally shelved. Poor kid. Anywho, i’m sure all that is behind him these days being that he has more important things to worry about such as recovering from a nasty stroke, but this album pretty much brings together every kinks song Dave wrote and sang prior to 1969, as well as a few more tracks from the would be album. These latter tunes are what you came here for and these are the real gems of the group. “Creepin’ Jean” and “Hold My Hand” just two of these rarities that make you understand why a total ego case like Ray would be very nervous that songwriting genetics weren’t solely his to express.

Download: Kinks – Great Lost Kinks Album

Dave Davies – The Album That Never Was

Sorry all these videos are pretty terrible, gotta do it for the tunes.

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3 Responses to “Secrets of the Kinks”

  1. Frank Lima Says:

    God save the KinKs – Dan the Fan the Montvale, New Jersey Hillbilly Boy aka Frank Lima

  2. michelle Says:

    so, so good. thanks for the post

  3. Holly Says:

    Welcome back & thanks for all the great music!

    Here are links to a more complete version of The Album That Never Was (needs to be merged with your version as it’s missing some tracks, too), and, for serious Dave Davies completists, a link to The Hole In the Sock, an Italian boot which includes still more uncollected songs ;-)

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