No Posts For a Spell

Hi, i’m hitting the road playing drums for Ty Segall and will hopefully be far far away from a computer for a month. So, needless to say there ain’t gonna be a whole lot going on around these parts. But since i have nothing better to do i’m going to post a group of good stuff. If any of you bozoz are coming to one of the shows you should say hello.

Blues Control – Local Flavor (2009)

One of my favorite records of the year. Ground zero for psychedelia in 2009.

The Electric Banana – S/T (1967-68)

The Pretty Things recording under a fake name to try and make some money in the movie biz. The concept doesn’t make sense to me either, but the songs still rip.

The Moon – S/T & Without Earth (1967 & 1968)

Former Beach Boy david Marks sets out on his own and creates two really grandiose and dramtic psych/rock records.

Hawkwind – Hall of the Moutain Grill (1974)

A total ripper and a space oddesy. An overlooked gem in the crucial world of Hawkwind.

Opal – Early Recordings (1989)

Some of the dreamiest and pretty folk? pop? i’ve ever heard. Special music for special times

Moondog – More (1956)

Fantastic and slightly magical percussion based compositions and field recordings from one the coolest people to have ever walked the earth.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti – Live On WFMU (2008)

The first thing i’ve heard from these yahoos that i thought lived up to the hype. Good weird stuff.

The Trojan Records hoard


Serge Gainsbourg Entire Discography



2 Responses to “No Posts For a Spell”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Wow cool stuff! You play drums for Ty Segall? That’s awesome! Come play in Alabama!!!

  2. Brendan Says:

    Damn, I knew Tim as playing bass but I had no idea you were on the kit… Have a great tour and regale me with stories of glory upon your return!

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