Get me a drink, Limes, I’m thirsty

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day you walked into a crummy bar at sundown on an ugly, muggy day in less than ideal part of town in a less than ideal mood looking for a beer and something to stare at but instead were confronted with a god damn bar band that ended ruling really hard? You know how it would go too, you go in and for fucks sake who are these retards playing the BLOOZE??? Fuck, i would even prefer one of those horrible internet jukeboxes (we’re all doomed to deal with for the next thirty years) that play 30 secs. of a terrible song really loud before stopping again waiting for someone to poor $5 into it brilliantly picking 90’s Metallica, Bob Seger and maybe some Hootie & The Blowish if their feeling a little guilty, but a fuckin band? Really? It’s 7:24 on wednesday and these guys are up there PUMPIN away.  You finally get the mid fifties spaghetti strap tank wearing bar tender with big bushy curly hair who was talking to some guy at the end of the bar for ten minutes before moseying over and asking “wha cha want?”, to fetch you a $3.50 bud lite and now, finally, time to stare off into space and avoid checking your watch that you know will be going suspiciously slow. But oh yeah, the band you have been tuning out is still up there PUMPING away. You finally start watching them and actually looking at them to realize what a bunch of muppets they are.  Bass player has a ketchup stain on his Stax shirt, drummer has about four drums on stage but only uses two of them, tuned guitars? no thanks! Visibly drunk with their amps littered with empties and “wounded soldiers” help your prudish suspicions. But then all the sudden they meander into something that sounds familiar and you realize it’s a pretty sly rendition of the classic “Little Red Riding Hood” and the hook is headed for your cheek. You’re not immediately sold, naturally, but you also can’t look away (options are slim, though) and the guys careen through the rest of the song pretty solidly. Well, hey, that was a nice little bonus, right? But now songs over and you figure it’s time to go back to the blooooze. Well fuck, wrong again. This next tune shuffles along even better than the last and either you pulled you head out of your ass or the band hits its stride. The songs keep ruling, and you realize calling them a blooze band is insulting and very dumb because these misfits have a whole lot more going on that. They end up playing for ten more minutes before they pack it up and two of them leave the place while the other two relieve our princess behind the bar and get ready for the evening “rush.” You leave the bar stoked, looped and humbled. Thanks, Limes.

The Limes are from Memphis, a one Shawn Crips is the brains and voice behind it while he’s backed up by a group of Memphis all stars. These songs here came out on cd back in 2006 and the bands only vinyl appearances have either been very very limited or disappointing, but on this cd Mr. Crips nails it. He weaves some wonderfully lethargic songs that have a really great atmosphere around them being both catchy and heartfelt. If you’re looking for some more great jams for summr, i suggest you try out The Limes.

Download: no more download! buy the new LP

Visit We Are The Limes and give this fellow some money.

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