You’re gonna recieve Treatment

I’ve written here before on my thoughts regarding big time, wildly successful bands inspiring nobodies to do their own backwards take on their idols music and producing a product that in the end i find to be far more compelling then those who our little unheralded heroes were gunning for. It’s almost as though these idol bands (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Sex Pistols etc.) become the text book answer to a certain style of music and it’s up to the rest of the world to take their template and put their own touch on it. This of course begs the question of why settle for one of these bozos trying to preach a gospel you’ve heard before and done “better”? Well, simply because hearing that gospel is boring and tired. It was done right and that’s great. Now can we hear something else? Yes, you surely can.

PS. I still love listening to Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Sex Pistols. I’m just trying to make a point, everyone stay cooool

So today’s ultra cool super fan went by the stage name of Steve Treatment and he was yet another fixture in London’s late seventies punk scene. His idol and textbook was Mr. Marc Bolan and his little T.Rex outfit you might have heard of. The story goes that Stevey was stalking around London one day when he spotted a hip young lady in a T.Rex shirt. He quickly stopped over to find out where she got it and low and behold Bolan headquarters was an office just a few blocks away. Naturally enthused he bounded over to the office where he cooly made friends with crowd including the head honcho himself. Along with now buddying up with his idol, he made fast friends with Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks from the (untouchable, amazing, genius) Swell Maps who ended up both being his backing band and releasing his first single on their own label. Cool. So the story from here is moderate success, three singles and footnote in history as being the one who is credited with convincing Marc Bolan to bring The Damned on tour with him in order to appear hip with the up and coming “punk” community. Funny stuff. Anyway, Steve Treatment is very obviously a T.Rex fan, but he has plenty more to offer than being a copycat. T.Rex rules real hard, and so does Steve. If you imagine Steve a sort of hobo T.Rex, or T.Rex looped out and wild in the studio with the recorder left on you’re getting close. There an unending supply of great ideas coming out of these songs, they just happen to be a little scruffy. Lower your expectations of fidelity, structure and ability and you will find yourself swimming in creativity.

Download: Steve Treatment – 25 A-Sides

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