YouTube Ruler Alert

A one suburbanbatherson has been putting together tons of videos for all kindsa great songs using odds and ends from British TV’s past and posting them on Youtube. The results are great and there are tons of stuff i’ve never heard of too, which is always exciting. So check out his full list of videos here and you are welcome for giving you yet another source of life sucking internet entertainment. May we all enjoy our eyes being burned out of our heads in the next few years.

and now you still have almost 150 more videos to watch…

One Response to “YouTube Ruler Alert”

  1. John Says:

    Hey there
    I’m looking for writers & enjoy your blog. I’m wondering if you’re at all interested in seeing any of your posts turned into a sort of ‘Rants’ column in a forthcoming music magazine I’m putting out next year (a sort of punker version of Ugly Things). Grant me permission to use articles I like from your blog, you’ll get full credit, free exposure, maybe a nifty title (I’d offer cash but I don’t think there’s gonna be any).
    John at Modern Needs

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