Origins of Pugh

Pugh Rogefeldt is one of Sweden’s most well known psychedelic hit makers which might seem to make him a little fish in a puddle but that isn’t really true. I kinda want to call him the Swedish Caetano Veloso, but even i haven’t sold myself on that call, so i’ll leave it as a hypothesis in progress. It’s folky, goofy, psyched out but not too far out and has the always wily flash of fuzz sneaking through. Of the two albums, i’m a much bigger fan of the second “Pugish” but it’s worth noting that the first album “Ja, Dä Ä Dä!” apparently won a Swedish Grammy for best album the year it came out and the opening drum break from the first song on the album has some renown as it was sampled by the always corny DJ Shadow. What a doof that guy is. Pugh also spent three months in prison for going AWOL from his army duties to record it. Anyway, for my tastes “Pugish” hits in all the right places and the more goofy parts get on my nerves less while the dreamy melodies really sink in and happily hang around for a while. Let’s get a little euro and like it. Thanks Carlos!

Download: Ja, Dä Ä Dä! & Pugish

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