R. Stevie Moore is an Angel

He is a wild eyed basement dwelling eccentric loony and what’s more angelic than that? He’s something that this world has very very few of; a unique (an true understatement), highly motivated, exceptionally creative, completely autonomous, righteously sincere, unpretentious artist who has dedicated his life to his craft and has produced mounds of exceptional work that the world will get unjustly more enjoyment from than will ever send in praise and respect back to it’s creator. I know heaping this much praise and hype towards one person most often ends in disappointment once someone actually hears/sees/tastes whatever it the hype is hyping but it’s how I feel about the guy, and hope you do too. What i’m offering today, after going back and forth about the morality of posting something the guy would happily sell you cheap, is a quick comp some one did of a real slew of R. Stevie’s hits. Not a greatest hits package because any legit greatest hits from this guy would occupy two to three albums at least! It’s called Hobbies Galore and judging by the prolificness of this guy, there is some serious irony involved in that title. 400 albums since 1968 and still going, amazing dude.

Download: R. Stevie Moore – Hobbies Galore

Please visit R. Stevie Moore.com and support this guy and learn more

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