Summr Jams *09 / / / Vol. 2

Get Bonkers!

Alrite, volume two up now and the third in the trilogy coming next week. Hope everyone enjoyed number one, if that wasn’t enough to keep you satiated for the week i’ll plug Summr Jams 2k8 one more time. Give them a try on for size, you might like them better than 2k9. Magic first track is by the totally riteous Further, introduced to me by Monsieur Matthew Correia a little while back. They were some of the folks who went on to be in Beachwood Sparks and The Tyde, never really listened to either but i hear some good things. Anyway, “California Bummer” is total shredder that’s perfectly distorted and catchy with that amazing twitchy spazzed out guitar and helium vocals. Pretty perfect video, too. Go get ’em, ya yahoos!

  1. Further – California Bummer
  2. Kurt Vile – Freeway
  3. The Sharades – Dumb Head
  4. La Dusseldorf – White Overalls
  5. OCS – Along The Way
  6. Miss S’Modern – S’Modern
  7. Sic Alps – Who has Time To Protest?
  8. Tom Ze – São São Paulo
  9. Pugh Rogefeldt – Föräldralåten
  10. The Moonbears – We Are Bi Bi Ba Ba Boum Boum
  11. The Monochrome Set – Adeste Fideles
  12. The End – People Talk
  13. First Base – Can’t Stop
  14. The Only Ones – City Of Fun
  15. Orange Juice – Blue Boy
  16. Rockin’ Horse – Biggest Gossip In Town
  17. Roky Erickson – Starry Eyes
  18. Public Nuisance – America
  19. The Saints – Security
  20. Serge Gainsbourg – Shu Ba Du Ba Loo Ba
  21. Michael Rother – Karussell

Journey To The Jam

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