Summr Jams *09 / / / Vol.1


Three volumes, 65 Songs, 3.4 hours (thanks iTunes) of sunburn inducing, curl ripping, beach ball bopping good times! Babes, Beaches, Bikes, Basketball, BBQ, Brews… Intentions for the mix’s were first and foremost to command and conquer bad vibes. Secondary intentions were to hopefully turn some ears on to some new favorites, maybe incite a dance party, provide ambiance to an already killer event or simply give you a break from whatever you are bored of listening to.

Each volume is roughly alphabetically sectioned to cut down on the silly task of organizing and sequencing 65 songs and the first on each volume is an specially chosen tune that i wanted to highlight for it’s all encompassing qualities of everything i wanted these mix’s to be. This first song by Happiness, called Track 13 because it came off of a cdr with no song titles, is the best thing i’ve heard from one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets Gerard Padwan. I hope i’m spelling that right. His old band Kool Teen ruled real hard and he’s been using the Happiness moniker for a few years now recording pretty consistently in his house, i do believe. The dude is a real talent with a heart’o gold. Enjoy!

  1. Happiness – Track 13
  2. King Tuff – Dancing On You
  3. The Action – Never Ever
  4. Can – I Want More
  5. Bo Diddley – Elephant Man
  6. The Hooterville Trolley – No Silver Bird
  7. Alex Chilton – With A Girl Like You
  8. The Fresh & Only’s – Come Dance With Me
  9. The Baroques – Rose Colored Glasses
  10. Chubby Checker – Stoned In The Bathroom
  11. Beach Boys – How She Boogalooed It
  12. The Equals – Softly Softly
  13. Jorge Ben – Crioula
  14. Brian Sands – Hawaiian Spongecake Holiday
  15. Bona Dish – Sand
  16. Box Elders – Hole In My Head
  17. Chris Stamey – Summer Sun
  18. Broken Strings – Eyes Of The World
  19. Giorgio Moroder – Underdog
  20. The Bitters – Can you Keep A Secret?
  21. Big Boys – Fun Fun Fun
  22. Harmonia – Notre Dame

Journey To the Jams
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6 Responses to “Summr Jams *09 / / / Vol.1”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Oh yeah this blog is grrrrrreeaat!

  2. lindsay Says:

    Thanks Robbie! I’ll be jamming this in the shop non-stop! 2k8’s already made a few rotations, but now’s the time—- Summer 2009! GET WET!

    haha see you later loser.

  3. robbie Says:

    Hah! Thanks Phief!

  4. $teven Says:

    summer ’09 needs some more free jazz and self deprecating hiphop

  5. robbie Says:

    just wait for vol.3, brah!

  6. the school of sharks: Flying Nun « surrealistic sharks Says:

    […] beautiful musicblog Biannual Haircut. Be sure to download and listen to there completely brilliant summer playlist before its […]

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