Don’t Be Affraid To Be Boring

So you have three highly artistic young ladies who want to start a band. Some members know how to play and some don’t, the main instruments for the band is a ukulele, toy piano and toy drum set. Blend this all together in New York’s early eighties music scene with direct associations with Glenn Branca and 99 records and guess what? The results are fantastic, yeah, go figure. But it’s not really fair to use hindsight in this case to declare that Y Pants was going to be great even before their first practice. The charm these songs have, using limited abilities and instruments as a leash to simplicity, is up there with the best of Rough Trade ladies catalog, an association i don’t make lightly. Keeping things minimal and simple yet maintaining interest and intelligence is a delicate balance and is usually the result of honest artistic vision and a good amount of heart. Y Pants got that shit on lock.

Download: Y Pants – Discography

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