The Tammys!

This rascally group of savagely passionate and dangerously excitable young ladies really came into the worlds view a couple years back when Rhino released the wonderful Girl Groups box set, from which the Tammys were shining stars even amongst some all time greats of the hormonally imbalanced and infinitely talented teenage girls musical pantheon. Their big hit (but never an actual hit) “Egyptian Shumba” is spine tingling, mesmerizing, hair raising, mind blowing, and every other worthy cliche you can think of. It’s the musical equivalent of two (three?) suppressed sixteen year olds having sex like ferocious animals. Imagine a drunk Shangri-Las singing like their life depended on it and you’re getting closer. Other hits on this comp “Guitars & Bongos,” “Too Many Miles,” “Part Of Growing Up” are more excellent numbers with great catchy chorus’ and determined vocals, all penned my Mr. “Lightning Strikes” Lou Christie himself. What he did to rile these girls up and inspire these performances is truly a mystery best left to the imagination.

Download: Lou Christie and The Tammys – Egyptian Shumba

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One Response to “The Tammys!”

  1. theeyeoffaith Says:

    I love this song! That is a fantastic snapshot of theme! I would never have known that their hair were those colors! I’ve been a fan for a while now, but its almost impossible to find photos of these girls!

    Their recordings are special treasures! I feel lucky every time to listen to them. Out of control! Could there ever be another group like them? I don’t think so….

    Absolutely dynamite and super cool.

    Thanks for sharing,


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