Folk From Mother Africa

I, like many others, have been pretty captivated by many of these comps of new and old music coming from Africa over the past few years. There’s the novelty of uniqueness, to our side of the world anyway, of the voices, instruments, structures, recording techniques present in all the songs, which are what i would consider to be the exterior appeal to the music and then there is the truly wonderful spirit and earnestness that many of these recordings hold which work as the magical intangible qualitative characteristics that stir souls with aural smiles and tears. I think the reason these recordings cause people so much excitement is a lot of the artists featured have that wildly mysterious, oh so commonly misdiagnosed, criminally overused, and truly rare quality of S O U L. I’ll tell you right now, these people ain’t no Michael McDonald.

So, the headline says folk, and now i’m talking about soul – i do not mean either in the narrow genre barrier we sometimes need in order keep things straight. I’ve always enjoyed and romanticized the use of “folk” to describe any craft that uses primitive methods for developing a good of quality and purpose. I see no reason why Shaker furniture can’t be described similar to recordings of a group of Motown inspired street musicians in Nigeria. As for that soul thing, anything can have “soul”, i just don’t believe it’s a very common trait. Sorry to sound negative, but it’s ok that soul is a rare thing. It just makes those special instances that much more special.

Love Is Love

Lipa Kodi Ya City Council

Money Be No Sand

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3 Responses to “Folk From Mother Africa”

  1. K Wong Says:

    Way into this one.

  2. savageYHS Says:

    LOVE *IS* LOVE!!*-) – Thanks, amigo!

  3. savageYHS Says:

    About halfway thru “Lipa Koda Ya City Council” and can hardly believe how COOL it is! Thanks again, Robbie! This stuff is THE *Best*!!

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