What’s The Hubub Bub?

More Tronics up for the frothing masses today, this time their earliest stuff. Ziro Baby, and crew sure were masters of that Hobo Pop song writing that many in the Messthetics, Homework, D.I.Y. shambling rockandroll spectrum head for but rarely deliver on. If you were a fan of the previously featured Love Backed By Force LP, but maybe wished it had a bit more energy or scruff to it, your ship has come in and it’s a lovely floating shack held together by bong resin and bubblegum. The contents of the link below is the What’s The Hubub Bub cassette and the songs from the first three singles. The Cassette is an interesting listen and there is some great inspiration to be taken from it, but you’re getting your real value in those singles. For these ears, they’re a standard of quality in the leagues of the first Modern Lovers LP, Television Personalities or R. Stevie Moore’s more coherent tunes. I’m thinking this is a really good model for a band. Put your best songs on singles, and only on singles. Full lengths give you so much more space to be creative, take some chances and work for something that fits together as a whole. A single should be reserved for those tunes that stand on their own so solidly that putting them next to anything else is going weaken them and anything else around them. Maybe i’m rambling and should call it a day. Good idea. Enjoy. Bye Bye.

Download: What’s The Hubub Bub? + First three singles

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2 Responses to “What’s The Hubub Bub?”

  1. 12xu Says:

    thanks for that ! but would you post a new link for those files please ?
    best regards

  2. cedric! Says:

    hello ! would you post a new link please? that would be great! it’s really hard to find!
    thank you!

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