Cleveland Confidential

This is a document chronicling the sounds of a desperate city and the scum bags who lived there, and what else would you expect from a project funded from the sales of amphetamines and petty theft. Complied in 1982 by Mike Hudson, Lead singer of the Pagans, Cleveland Confidential is yet another gem in the blood, puke and bile covered crown of the cities musical heritage. “Cry 816” by The Women Haters, which is also sung by Hudson, leads off the comp and sets the corrosive bleak anger that permeates this comp, it also features the most haunting use of a guitar slide this side of the 1930’s. Dave E of the untouchable Electric Eels contributes “A Love Meant To Die” with the fantastically named Jazz Destroyers. The biggest highlight on the album for me, “Even Lower Manhattan” by Menthol Wars, is a moody and primitive dirge with an unforgettably simple guitar and organ riffs that work seamlessly together. The song is an all time favorite and i only wish there was more to hear from the band.

Download: Cleveland Confidential

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One Response to “Cleveland Confidential”

  1. Zoi Says:

    Please send me lyrics of the song Even Lower Manhattan?

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