Punk’s Greatest Postman

The leader of the Subway Sect, the one and only Vic Godard, was far too complicated (and probably a total wierdo) of a person to accept being in a professional Punk Band. Claiming influences ranging from Dada to Sinatra (explains his later career decisions), Godard only kept the band around long enough for a couple of singles and a few left over tracks (1976-78). From there he got a new band and took a new musical direction, deciding that razzamatazz is a lot cooler traversing Bollocks. To each his own, i suppose. The good news is the transition was somewhat slow and there is a handful of tunes that have elements of both sides of his career. These i can still enjoy, but I call it a day about halfway through this comp which covers a real spread of his discography. I should also say that I’ve met multiple people who think everything this man has touched is gold and I can accept this position, just not support it. I do highly recommend this album despite any and all badmouthing i just gave it. The winners are real WINNERS. Did i mention that he eventually quit music all together to be a post man? The dude totally rules.

Download: Vic Godard and The Subway Sect – Singles Anthology

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