Oh! Them are some Lazy Bones


Witch was a fairly recently exhumed Zambian band who did this one magical album in 1975, nicely titled “Lazy Bones,” and then quickly disappearing without making any dent in the worlds consciousness as to their existence. It’s pretty amazing that this album is even readily available today, and i will mention that this does not fall into the all too common hyped up “lost classic” category of records that are often obscure for a reason. The crazy thin production doesn’t compliment the ace playing but non the less creates a unique sound that in the end is really quite charming. It’s got loads of wanking, group vocals, WAAAAAHH WAAAHH for days, serious grooovin, and drums that sound like buckets and sheet metal all played with extreme ernest and faithful regurgitation. This album is radical and i don’t even smoke weeed.

Download: Witch – Lazy Bones

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