Year End Lust

In no particular Order, a few things that have defined my year.

SAN FRANCISCO: Thee Ohsees, The Hospitals, Sic Alps, Fresh & Onlys, Nodzzz, Ty Segal, Brilliant Colors, Bare Wires, Sandwitches, Grass Widow and a ton of other local bands ruling real hard. Things are moving, and it is exciting.

That Dunedin Sound: Flying Nun Records, Chris Knox is a saint, The Clean are heaven sent and there are oh so many more. Neu Zealand.

Stellar Reissues: THE CLEAN, La Dusseldorf, J.T. IV, Wipers, July, Milk’N’Cookies!, Golden Dawn, Os Mutantes, Tommy Jay, Animals & Men, DNA, Mayo Thompson, The Baroques, MISSISSIPPI RECORDS

New Releases: Catatonic Youth – Piss Scene EP, Thomas Function – Celebration LP, Fabulous Diamonds – S/T LP, Cheveu – S/T LP, Kurt Vile – Constant Hitmaker CD (gross), Woods – Some Shame (tour cassette), Hospitals – Hairdryer Peace, OhSees – everything i could get my hands on…, Sic Alps – U.S. EZ, Love Tan – S/T EP, The World Is Lousy With Ideas – Vol. 5 EP, Wounded Lion – Carol Cloud 45, Meth Teeth – Bus Rides EP, Dan Melchior – Christmas For Crows LP

Thanks to all who have supported this thing the past six months. Here’s to 2009, let’s hope it has a more positive demeanor than that bastard 2008. I’ve still got plenty of ideas for this thing, but if any of you bozos got any requests, feel free to let me know.

2 Responses to “Year End Lust”

  1. adam c. Says:

    hey dude, your blog is great.
    have you found the pens/male bonding split anywhere online?

  2. robbie Says:

    Thanks, Adam.
    I haven’t found that record yet. I would love to get my hands on a copy, but i’m not sure i’ve got the funds for many imports these days

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