It’s always summer somewhere…

As we all go through the yearly motions of our flu epidemic, the subsequent asking ourselves “Was it really this cold last year??? Cuz i sure as hell have never been this frozen in my ENTIRE life,” the social hibernation that comes with not being interested in braving these “inhuman” conditions for simple human interaction and the rest of the winter dramatics with excessive complaining we are all guilty of, i have found it very valuable to find ways of reducing my echoing any of the above.

This year my solution has been enveloping myself in Brazil’s greatest musical export, Tropicalia. I hope you have all heard the excellent compilation Soul Jazz did a few years ago that worked as a “Tropicalia’s Greatest Hits” sort of package. It was a great introduction for me to artists such as Jorge Ben and Tom Ze, both of who i have two beautifully sunny albums to offer up for all you chilled out whiners! Tropicalia has at its core a beautiful mix of traditional Brazilian music with westernized pop music of the late sixties. The upbeat and almost giddy disposition of most of these songs are a big part of their success and their traditional roots are the key to transporting your mind via your ears to that perfect day touring Brazilia on a scooter working up an appetite for your sundown dinner at the churrascaria round the corner. The pop and psych elements to the music help keep your attention and keep your feet shuffling. The vocals sung in Portuguese work great to keep the average listener away from dissecting the vocals which often tackle political and social strife issues, two things pretty good at killing a party. Enjoy.

Hear: Jorge Ben – Take It Easy My Brother Charles

Tom Ze – São São Paulo

Download: Jorge Ben – Crioula

Tom Ze – Grande Liquidacao

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3 Responses to “It’s always summer somewhere…”

  1. 4ply Says:

    i feel like a have failed as a friend for not sharing my rather rotund collection of Tropicalia/bossa nova with you earlier in our friendship. i guess i didn’t consider such a rock n roller like yourself to be interested in it.

    • robbie Says:

      yeah, duuude! I’m hecka worldly! So these are old news to you? What gems do you want to send me first???

  2. frau Says:

    i’ll set you up with some Marisa Monte’s Universo Ao meu Redor. Its real dreamy. The babes can’t resist it.

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