Let’s Toil With The Intelligence

The Intelligence, as maybe you are already aware, is the recording alias of a one Lars Finberg. The guy made a name for himself playing drums in the A-Frames, a truly majestic band in it’s own right, but the guy obviously needed an outlet for the ideas constantly frothing out of his head. The Intelligence has been the bowl these sweet sweet caterwauls have been caught in, solidified and pressed in to processed oil for future generations to spin and cherish. To call the project prolific would be appropriate. Consistently awesome would also be an appropriate, even from the very first demos which is what we have here today. These songs got thrown on cd as a bonus to the first album “Boredom and Terror” which i thought initially really paled in comparison to these songs, although i’ve come to love “Boredom and Terror” as well. the wonderful Polly Magoo appropriately pressed an lp later on. Anyway, these lo-fi gems are still as hi-fi as the intelligence has ever been but you get the added bonus of life at the Finberg house providing the proper ambient backdrop. A cool album to see where the origins of this project laid, and even cooler when standing on it’s own feet.

Download: The Intelligence – Let’s Toil

This song is not on this album, but the video is too good not to share. Monty Buckles is killin it.

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