Purty Pop

A really perfect pop song is a pretty magical thing. The type of tune that only gets stuck in your head on your good days, can make you feel so good to be alive or can assure that it’s ok to be down. Only problem is they ain’t so easy to find. “Shake Some Action” by the Flamin Groovies (1976) and “Yes It Is” by Rockin Horse (1971) are two albums with a handful of perfect pop songs or something pretty fucking close to it. (Notice those weird name similarities there?) Both bands had plenty of roots in the sixties garage world and seemed to love old boogie woogie r&b records which set the sonics for their gems to flourish in. For my tastes these albums have some stinkers lurking in their depths, but that bit candor is meant to convince you that i’m not jerking your chain when i talk about the “perfect pop” songs you are so close to obtaining. There’s no Youtube videos for my two favorite songs on either album so if you want my picks for the best you’ll get out this bunch dive straight into Rockin Horse, Biggest Flirt In Town (single version) and Please Please Girl by the Groovies.

Download: Shake Some Action By The Flamin Groovies

& Yes It Is By Rockin Horse

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