Arthur’s World Of Echo

As i’m sitting here in the San Francisco International Airport i’m facing the strange paradox between scrambling to write this post before the battery power on this laptop runs out and figuring how to spend the next five hours i get to wait until the overbooked flight i’m on stand-by for starts to line up for my inevitable disappointment and frustration and a reminder that i missed my initial flight this morning by a few insignificant mother fucking apparently not so trivial minutes and my increasingly complicated and expensive task of flying home to eat turkey and stuffing with my folks. Five minutes would have gotten me on the plane, but i didn’t have THOSE minutes, so i’m rewarded with many many many more much more useless and quite confounding minutes that i plan on spending listening to Arthur Russel’s World Of Echo. This sparsely (laptop dies at this point, not close to finishing rant so i’ll do my best to pick up where i left off) instrumented and highly atmospheric album is really something that’s easy to get lost in. His truly unique voice is up front and heavily echoed (go figure) wondering around mumbling words mostly incoherently but none the less acting as a guiding light through the strange and spacious ether the songs seem to exist within. The songs are almost structureless allowing them a boundless intangibility in which Arthur’s voice reverberates and floats any where he wishes it to go. This is the soundtrack to drifting through an endless body of water in a tiny boat swallowed in a thick fog you may never see the end of. Or, it’s the soundtrack to self-loathing non-punctual whiners sitting meekly in an airport.

Download: Arthur Russell – World Of Echo Part1 & Part2

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