Love Backed By Force

So both of yesterday’s posts were pretty abstract and obtuse, so today i wanted to post a little something for everybody. It’s one of the coolest pop slanted albums i’ve heard in a long time it’s called “Love Back By Force” by the Tronics. The name Tronics might ring a bell for all the Messthetics enthusiasts out there or any nerds of British DIY for that matter. If I tried (and I have) to imagine what it would sound like if the Troggs did stripped down bedroom recordings of the Television Personalities i’d imagine it would come out sounding something like “Love Backed By Force.” There are other, more left field influences on this album, too but those just add to the charm. This album comes very highly recommended.

Long Live Ziro Baby!

HearCrush On You

DownloadTronics “Love Backed By Force”

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4 Responses to “Love Backed By Force”

  1. corinne Says:

    ahhhh!!! i have been thinking about flying an airplane over the bermuda triangle the last two weeks. i scored a turtleneck at the salvation army last week that says ‘i’d rather be flying’ all over it and met someone this weekend that had a Bermuda triangle tattooed on their hand and now song #4 They’re talking about us. i think its a must do b4 i die. thanks for the songs robbie!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Tanner keeps listening to this album so I have to download it. Thanks for all the sweet tunes robbie! looking forward to more… I hope your show went well last night. I’m gonna live forever!

  3. danny Says:

    essential album! soooooooooo good! i just scored a flexi-disk the other day off ebay w/ love backed by force and a few tracks by other bands. its from the zine chainsaw and has a full interview of tronics, written in ’81. i can transcribe it if your interested. he was talking about a follow up recording on a boat in the bahamas so he could be surrounded by sharks! wonder if it ever happened and if there are any demos lying around. always new you had good taste since talking ’bout rocket from the tombs on your roof! (its danny, ex-rough kids, btw)

  4. tronic Says:

    there are early demos, unreleased material from the original band, recorded in London in 1977. These are all Ziro Baby’s songs made when the band was called the Gits. There is a the first recording of Suzy’s Vibrator which was the first single as Tronics (in a different version).

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