Hairdryer Peace

Looking for something new in your life? A little something different? Something you can really sink your teeth into but really not sure you should because you have a feeling in the back of your head that this thing could come alive and in turn devour you? Well for the brave and adventurous listeners out there i offer you Hairdryer Peace by the Hospitals. It arrived at the beginning of last Summer so maybe you’ve already heard the thing and know what i’m talking about. Maybe you’ve heard the In The Red or Load Lps, or that French 12″ from a few years ago and are curious about the bands progression. Well Mr. Adam Stonehouse aka The Hospitals took a trip to another galaxy and came back with this mind melting caterwaul that mutates and manipulates the brutal teeth gnashing bash of the older records into a noise collage of which bits and pieces of songs almost beautifully flow in and out of. Almost. This record is an experience not all will enjoy, I really couldn’t make tails or heads of it the first time i heard it but i knew there was something there i needed to dig around and make sense of. I’m not much of a jazz guy, but i’ve been told countless times before that it can be a really rewarding expierence to sit down and spend some time taking in a great record. Well, for the time being fuck jazz, i’ve got the Hospitals

Download: Hairdryer Peace

Rip and Download Courtesy of Demonaized

Stonehouse circa 2005, photo by yours truly

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