Teen Dance Music From Malaysia & China

Similar to the stellar Cambodian Rocks and Thai Beat A-Go-Go series, this comp very literally titled Teen Dance Music From Malaysia and China is chocked full of absolutely brilliant bandwagon hopping fuzzed out surfey R&B pop hits interpreted through traditional regional music that makes this stuff a genuinely unique pleasure to listen to. I once had the bizarre experience of listening to this while driving through shitty, desolate, lost and never again to be found, west Texas and it was probably the reason I didn’t lose my mind and was instead transported to a steamy Singapore Han joint where all the kids were doing the Watusi.

Anyone that has read my drivel from the beginning will remember The Brothers Hawk, who kicked off each volume of my Summr Jams compilations, and this comp is where those songs came from. Also anyone who enjoyed the Cherry Viewing A-Go-Go and Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys albums will be equally thrilled by this comp. I’d write that this is Highly Recommended but that would be silly since I think everything i post here is totally awesome and your life is incomplete without it.

Sample: The Brothers Hawk: Funny Funny A-Go-Go

Man Chau Po Orchestra – For A Few Dollars More

Download: Teen Dance Music From China and Malaysia

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