A Strange Casuality of Charlie Manson

So you’re a promising young rock and roll band from Sacramento in 1968-69 getting your feet wet opening for modest acts like Buffalo Springfield and Jefferson Airplane at the Filmore West, dropping acid, protesting the war, playing cool gigs, getting girls, things are going GOOD (except for that ol’ war jive). You’ve been working on a bunch of GREAT recordings the world is dieing to hear, and wouldn’t ya know it, some label guy from LaLa land FINALLY realizes you guys got that something special and those hungry fans are going to gorge or your genius. Weeeeellll, fast forward a short while and now you’re trying to figure out what happened to the label guy who had your big break sitting in his sweaty palm, the one who was going to unleash your record to frothing masses. Before too long you finally hear back the bastard is AWOL, running for his life, scarred shitless & convinced he’s next up on the Manson Family’s hit list. You’re record gets shelved, the gigs start drying up, the leaves and the tabs start going brown, the summer is over and so is your band. OH WELL!

Thus is the story of Public Nuisance, alongside the Twinkeyz whom one member went on to tickle keys in, the two greatest bands from Sacramento you’ll come across. I’ve read some reviews of these recordings calling them standard fare and average for the time. I say BULLSHIT. This shit is fuckin killer heavy riffin psyched out garage opus that sticks in your head in all the right ways. Now this collection, spanning two discs and nearly thirty songs, isn’t all aces, but the percentage is high and you’d be foolish not to give it a try. These are some of my favorite songs of the era.

Public Nuisance – Gotta Survive

Disc 1

Disc 2

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