The Clean & The Great Unwashed

The best gift you could give yourself today is these two albums by The Clean and The Great Unwashed. If you are new to them, just go and download them right now. I’m serious, your life has a gaping hole in it you were previously blind to but this dangerous gape can quickly and succinctly be filled with the music of these two bands.

As previously mentioned a while back in the post on the cold but always fuzzy Chills, the Flying Nun label out of New Zealand unintentionally became an institution of incredible bands who’s influence becomes greater and more apparent all the time. Both the Clean and The Great Unwashed were two flagship bands on the label. The brains behind both of the outfits are the brothers Hamish and David Kilgour. They had a rotating cast of characters behind them all of varying levels of input to the bands but essentially these two were the ones pumping out the hits year after year. The Clean ended up breaking up in 1982 with the Great Unwashed soon following with their first LP called Clean Out Of Our Minds. Pretty clever, eh?

What i’m offering up today are compilations by both bands since collecting all of this stuff release by release would give you about 12 different records. The Clean album in particular is a simple overview of their catalog, but the Great Unwashed album is about their entire output. Again, I can’t recommend this stuff highly enough, there’s magic in those recordings, I’m sure of it!

Download: The Clean – Compilation

Download: The Great Unwashed – Collection

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