You gotta love perfectly named bands…

So this band was introduced to me by this guy Derrick, who i might as well mention is one of the best people i’ve had the pleasure of knowing, handing me the cd and saying something to the effect of “here, you’re gonna like this. They were from some shitty midwest town and some dickheads say they were the first indie band, but don’t worry about that, it’s good.” I think that is about as much info you need on them. This is a collection of singles and album tracks from 79-83. Pretty solid stuff from a group of the coolest, nerdiest and bespectacled band this side of DEVO. Below is a video their song “(i’m a) Don Juan.” If you watch the video (which sounds like shit) and don’t find the irony between the song and the dudes in the band you might be the most humorless bozo on the planet. Fans of the Wipers and the Clean take note. I don’t think these guys are as good as either of those, but if you’re into them two, this will be up your alley.

Download: The Embarassment – Heyday (1979-1983)

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