Got A Chubby Stoned In The Bathroom

One of my favorite musical anomalies are late sixties flower power-bullshit-cash in-pysch records. You know the types, all the folksters and pop idols who heard Sgt. Peppers and Are You Experienced while expanding their horizons with love drugs convinced paisleys and patchouli are the technicolored path to righteous revolutions. Well I have here a doozy. Ol’ Chubby “c’mon baybeee, let’s twi-i-i-i-ist” Checker ill advised, yet totally rad, pysch album doubly titled Chequered/New Revelation. To my knowledge this was only released in Spain, but with multiple titles and cover photos there may be more unique pressings out there. Songs titles such as “Stoned In The Bathroom” “Ballad of Jimi” “My Mind Comes From a High Place” give you a clue as to the ride you’re about to embark upon. I heard somewhere Elvis had one of these too, can you imagine how cool that would be if it ever left the vaults????

Go in skeptically, come out a total believer

Download: Chubby Checker – New Revelation / Chequered (1971)

Lose Your Inhibitions Twist, Indeed.

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