Epic Soundtracks Last Gasp

Epic Soundtracks was stage name of Kevin Godfrey, brother of Nikki Sudden, whom together founded one of my all time favorite bands the Swell Maps way back in 1972. After the Maps he was Rough Trade Record’s go to guy for some solid drum work playing on plenty of great recordings but never creating much of interest till he started a solo career in the 90’s. In the end he did three solo albums, one fan club release and this posthumous release of his last recordings before keeling over in 1997. I haven’t spent a lot of time with all of his releases but of all that i have, this final album really stands out to these ears. For anyone who hasn’t heard any of his solo work before, don’t expect much in common with the Swell Maps. Rarely is there any instrument beyond piano and acoustic guitar, this sparse instrumentation allowing his wonderful voice to sing his tales of hesitant optimism and disenchanted love with the utmost clarity. This could certainly be considered sad old bastard music, but we all know the world isn’t always milkshakes and foot rubs so when you’re feeling a bit more estranged from smiles and giggles you’ll know where this music fits in your life. (I’d say it fits in better on sunny Sunday morning) The sincerity that pours out these recordings should also be noted, the complete absence of pretension and posturing are just more reasons why the songs are so effective. Anyone interested in more of Epic’s albums, let me know.

Sample: I Do Declare

Download: Epic Soundtracks – Good Things

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2 Responses to “Epic Soundtracks Last Gasp”

  1. jared Says:

    I’m a big Crime & the City Solution fan, but I hadn’t heard much of Epic’s solo stuff besides his very first single on vinyl. I’d be very interested in more albums.


  2. Lance Dior Says:

    Thank you. Epic was one of the music greats.

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