Hoosier Hysteria!

In my brain the Sex Pistols and The Beatles will always be lumped together for the one reason that they have influenced and inspired music i find infinitely more interesting than anything they ever produced themselves. The Sex Pistols are guilty of promoting the image of punk more than the sound, but that sound still blew many impressionable kids minds and inspired them to greatness i would argue surpasses Malcolm’s gang of twats. The small but incredibly rich “New Wave” scene in Bloomington, Indiana produced two bands who had really different sounds but very similar approach.

Dem two being The Gizmos and Dow Jones And The Industrials who after each releasing a killer debut single collaborated on a split LP simply titled Hoosier Hysteria. Technically there was an earlier version of the Gizmos who were around putting out really great records themselves from about 75-77, but they disbanded and an entirely new version of the band was constructed. Weird, but that’s how it goes. Anyway, while the Gizmos were much more poppy and straight forward r’n’r compared to Dow Jones’ angular Eno inspired electronic additions and buzzzzzing flourishes, but they both have their merits and certainly deserve a place in your heart.

Packaged here is Dow Jones And The Industrials classic single “Can’t Stand The Midwest” The Gizmos “Never Mind The Sex Pistols, Here’s The Gizmos” single and the Hoosier Hysteria LP.

Download: Gizmos & Dow Jones And The Industrials.


Gizmos – “1978”

Dow Jones And The Industrials – “Can’t Stand The Midwest”

If the Gizmos blow any one’s mind let me know since there is plenty more material of theirs around that is solid. Dow Jones has rumors of more material existing but i’m yet to see it. Anyone out there got some info on this?

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2 Responses to “Hoosier Hysteria!”

  1. de verbaasde kabouter Says:

    Hi, could you possibly re-up this one? Thanks for the Gizmos/Dow Jones rips. Great quality!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dow Jones were from Lafayette, not Bloomington.

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