Heavy Fuzz, Slight Swirl

I haven’t been posting much sixties stuff, so here comes a couple rad LP’s that i’ve been blasting since i picked up their recent reissues. The first is the debut album from Austin, Texas’ very own Golden Dawn, whom shared both a label and sound with the 13th Floor Elevators. I mean they sound A LOT like the Elevators, and this is a very good thing. Some really great songs here and anyone who likes the Elevators would be a fool not to check out Golden Dawn.

Hear: Golden Dawn – My Time

and: July – My Clown

July was another British psych wonder band, easily lost in the hoards of great bands of the era, but still very deserving of your attention. You’re a fan of Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn, riiigghhttt??? Well these guys obviously loved that record too, and much like our domestic pals the Golden Dawn, July took the right influences to make some amazing songs. We’re not talking CAN level originality here, but there are more important things than being unique, like being high!!!!!


Golden Dawn – Power Plant

July – S/T

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One Response to “Heavy Fuzz, Slight Swirl”

  1. Pedal Says:

    Right on, I love this album!

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