To Sparks, It Is A Sincere Honor To Be From The Same Planet As You

Well, the big Beach Boys blowout post has been pretty popular (AS IT GOD DAMN SHOULD BE) so i figure i’ll do another with a band who has also released entirely too many records for any non dweeb to keep up with and who i also feel is far too often neglected (maybe slightly misunderstood) by both dweeb and well balanced interest having individuals alike. I feel that there is truly some kindred spirits between early Sparks and those more wacked out Beach Boys records. Both bands made POP music the only way their twisted brains really could, which was truly strange, unfortunately uncommercial yet totally groundbreaking and criminally ignored domestically. For those who don’t know the band’s back story, the brains was Ron Mael and the voice was brother Russell, whom i’m sure had plenty of creative input, but it’s much easier to putting them in their distinctive roles. One of these days i need to research details on these two’s parents because they must have been some pretty interesting peeps to create and foster these two mad geniuses. Their sound is not easily described but essentially your going to find swooping hook laden falsetto vocals with bizarre yet undeniably witty lyrics following along highly theatrical quirky pop songs equally indebted to show tunes as they are to the Stones or even to the Beach Boys. If this sounds pretty out there, yet intriguing, i’m doing a good job with my Rock Critic Schlock. Ever wonder who Queen was obsessed with when getting their shit in order to take over the world? (ummmm, it ain’t Bowie!) Sparks is still well loved in Europe, but have yet to have any large scale renaissance in Shitsville, USA on the scale of say, Silver Apples or Os Mutantes. Too bad, really.

Soon i’ll post something that is actually rare, that being the demos they recorded under their first incarnation known as Halfnelson. Those require much more discussion and should not be left to be overlooked in the clutter of this post. Plus, once everyone is hooked of these guys the demos will really knock you out. Till then, Gorge On Sparks! I recommend going in chronological order, but most people (not me) get themselves the wetest over Kimono My House. ok!

Sparks (1971)

Woofer In Tweeters Clothing (1972)

An Important Addendum! The fool that uploaded the file above left the best song off the album! Unbelievable, I know! Be sure to download Beaver O’Lindy!

Kimono My House (1974)

Propaganda (1974)

Indiscreet (1975)

Big Beat (1976)

Introducing (1977)

Couldn’t find a link for this one, but don’t worry, you’re not missing a whole hell of a lot.

No. 1 In Heaven (1979)

Password = 1967

All links again hijacked. My source is HERE. Their record release dates are wrong, mine are Allmusic informed. I didn’t check the links so I do they are all operational and accurate. And now some vids for the nubes!

Their big first hit “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us” from Kimono My House:

A terrible video for one of may favorite songs off the Indiscreet album, “In the Future”

And this is earliest footage of the band i’ve come accross, both songs from the first, “S/T” album

Finally, it wouldn’t be fair to exclude Sparks’ triumphant return to brief popularity with this heavy hitter, kudos to Moroder for his input on this one:

For the most in depth info on Sparks you are encouraged to visit This Site

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  1. Sparks’ First Recordings « Biannual Haircut Says:

    […] To become acquainted with the rest of Sparks discography see my my first posting on them Here. […]

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