Before Television, Before Heartbreakers, Before Voidoids

we had the Neon Boys. Good ol’ Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine’s first collaboration before the Television trials and tribulations, the glorified junkies known as The Heartbreakers, and artpunk poetics of the Voidoids. Apparently this group only existed for about a year (72-73) and half these songs on the e.p. are very early, if not the first, Richard Hell and the Voidoids recordings. So technically there is only two Neon Boys songs, but i lump them all together for better or worse. These five songs are really great and not only preview what all the members were capable of, they stand up incredibly well on their own. The song “Don’t Die” is my personal favorite and it will forever boggle my mind why this song got tossed off through the years and never surfaced in any other project featuring these two rebel rousers. Check out the video below for the original version of “Love Come In Spurts”, one of the highlights of this record. 

Download the Neon Boys!

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2 Responses to “Before Television, Before Heartbreakers, Before Voidoids”

  1. Jeff Atkinson Says:

    I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  2. de verbaasde kabouter Says:

    Could you re-up this one, please? Many thanks for the great Dow Jones link!

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