Ok, this is mandatory Beach Boys listening.

I’ve run into far too many people who think the Beach Boys career started and ended with Pet Sounds. Those people are assholes. Here is a chronological order of the Boys’ albums following Pet Sounds — all of which really showed just how beautiful music made by crazy people can be. I’m not sure I want to be friends with people who don’t like the Beach Boys.

Smiley Smile (1967

Wild Honey (1967)

Friends (1968.)

20/20 (1969)

Sunflower (1970)

Surf’s Up (1971)

Apologies for all the links being from RapidShare but, hey i hijacked all of them soooooo whatthefuckareyougunnado???

Many of the Links were “borrowed” from This Epic Post and there are many more BB’s albums i didn’t bother to link at the site. (e.g. Holland, sorry Andy)

And while this is in no way an advertisement for the above albums, it is really awesome.

haha, Yikes!

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2 Responses to “Ok, this is mandatory Beach Boys listening.”

  1. lux Says:

    what about Holland… That album is rad, you should have posted that too.

  2. $teven Says:

    this is the best post

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