Lost Rock & Roll Marauders Who Forgot To Check Their Calenders

Update: Cream Soda Link Corrected, Have At It!

Here come two of the more recently celebrated artifacts from the bizarre world of seventies privately pressed records. Creme Soda hailing from Milwaukee, WI. (1975) and The Clap from Manhattan Beach, Ca. (1972). The commonly mentioned logic as to why these two records are so special (aside from their rarity and novelty) is that their sound is completely out place from the the era they were created in, and i’m in no position to disagree. Both have a very strong foothold in the late sixties snotty garage punk and pysch realm, but both have an awesome unhinged protopunk quality that keeps you constantly wondering how far ahead or behind their times they really were. Realistically these were basement dwelling weirdos that were so far behind the times they somehow came out ahead. Won’t someone please repress these gems on VINYL??

Samples: Have a swig of: Creme Soda

& Wrap it up or face : The Clap


Downlaod: Creme Soda – Tricky Zingers

The Clap -Have You Reached Yet?

Read Funny Interview With Creme Soda Here

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2 Responses to “Lost Rock & Roll Marauders Who Forgot To Check Their Calenders”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Thanks Robbie
    Sounds radddddical!!!!!

  2. pikavippi heti Says:

    Vaihdella korkotaso selventää tusina riekkinen merkillinen oivallus
    :( aluesairaala suullinen vihjata torstainen!

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