Loose Hips Sink Shjips


Ah, I remember the Wooden Shjips frenzy like it was yesterday. The mystery of who these wierdos were and why were they giving away their records was genuinely exciting due entirely to the fact that the records were so damn good. A completely anonymous local band that was mind numbingly great yet was completely absent from any “scene” or incestuous group of bands. I was so hyped on them, i think i went to their first six local shows before finally skipping one to do homework or chase some girl around. I was probably thinking i had already seen them so many times over the course of a few months it wasn’t such a huge deal. Now it’s been almost a year since i’ve seen them play and now catching their name on a bill next week, i’m revisiting all these warm and fuzzed out memories — so rather than post their recordings i figure i’ll offer up two bootlegs i’ve come across. The first is from their very first show at Cafe Du Nord (January 15, 2007). The recording is great and it’s pretty funny to hear friends distinct laughs through the crowd on the first jam track. The photos in the post were also taken by yours truly on this night. The second was a show at The Hemlock Tavern (March 29, 2007) and i remember it being a really really great and the recordings do a decent job at showing that. These recordings were taken from the Lemmon-Session Blog. Enjoy!

Download Wooden Shjips Live!


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