I Say! Efff You Tooo!

F.U.2. (whom to my knowledge aren’t in any way related to the FU-2 seen in the videos of the previous post) were in most aspects a fake band. The group was paid by some Italian record label to write a cash in record during the blinding lights of the first wave of punk. The real band behind F.U.2. was the Downliners Sect whom you might remember from their appearance on the legendary Nuggets II Box Set or their more recent collaborations with Billy Childish. Joke or no, this record totally rules and will appeal greatly to those who can overlook cheesy punk, razorblade and saftypin, posturing and can enjoy this for an infinitely catchy, fast and dumb rock and roll record.

Download: Punk Rock by F.U.2.

Hear a Sample of F.U.2.

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