Alex Chilton, my oh my

What a strange career this man has had. At sixteen he sang on a number #1 single by his band the Box Tops, three years later the band finished without another hit. Starts a band called Big Star puts out three albums no one gave a shit a about, only to be regarded as some of the best music ever written a few decades later. Becomes an alcoholic and releases some genuinely twisted pop music that again no one at the time has any interest in followed by a few more years of pretty mediocre records. He’s produced incredible records by The Cramps, The Gories and Chris Stamey (as you hopefully already knew). His twisted sense of pop music that exists on his early solo records is just incredibly endearing in its pure honesty and sloppiness. Music doesn’t need to be perfect, how boring! So without further rambling i’ve got links to SIX different records. The first three Chilton solo records in chronological order of their recording dates and then a bonus of the three Big Star albums which you really should already have heard many many times by now, but just in case those have slipped through your fingers til now you can right the wrongs and come to understand the beauty and magic that exist in those songs.


These sessions are heavy bluesy buisness from Alex’s post Box Tops pre Big Star period. His cover of Sugar Sugar is a beautiful indicator of his love of the slop.

Bach’s Bottom

Bach’s Bottom is more of a compilation of different recordings in or around 1975 and is generally inconsistent but Take Me Home and Make Like It is an all time fav. A great record.

Like Flies On Sherbert

One of my favorite records of all time! Like Flies is top to bottom some of the weirdest pop music i’ve ever come across. Consisting mostly of covers and a few amazing originals, it was his first solo album to be released after the Big Star bummer. Apparently the critics hated it and it was only pressed in an edition of 500 off the bat. Soooo goood.

Big Star Albums:
#1 Record & Radio City
Sisters Lovers

I recommend reading this story.

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