The Music Machine Never Wrote A Bad Song

It’s true! Really it is, the bands classic first album is a cluster fuck of killer original material and some miserable covers. This second album is straight through jams (aside from some hokey folkey ballads which aren’t bad, but pale in comparison to the faster stuff) without any limp dick covers. Sean Bonniwell was apparently pretty awful to deal with at this point in the bands career so most of this album has new musicians compared to the first, but the quality of Boniwell’s songs and the depth of his voice make you forget the rest of them shlubs (except the drummer who totally kills on the first album and i’m pretty sure came along for this one as well). “Absolutely Positively”, “Talk Me Down”, “Double Yellow Line” “You’ll Love Me Again” are some serious bangers.

Get The Album Here

Kasey Fuckin Kasem even dug’em

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2 Responses to “The Music Machine Never Wrote A Bad Song”

  1. 4ply Says:

    you’d crap your pants over some of the hand painted signage here

  2. robbie Says:

    i’m sure some of the food would encourage that as well!

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