Ronnie Bird’s Sad Soul and Tired Mind

Here we have the absolute pinnacle of the adorable Frenchmen Ronnie Bird’s career. He was a big hit from 65-67 doing that tried and true Brit style r&b garage often taking songs sung in English and singing them in his native tongue with new and often strange lyrics. For example he takes on “Lies” by the Knickerbockers and mutates it into “Cheese”, the only word actually in English throughout the song. While I do like his R&B stuff just fine, it was above average for it’s style for sure, but he really went to my all time favs list with one of his last singles before calling it quits. Like many of his era, the late sixties took Ronnie away from cute and into the ever swirling, reverberating world of psychedelia where you were only a backwards solo and sugar cube away from reality. This single really isn’t that far-out at all (in a cliche paisleys and rose tinted glasses sort of way), it’s actually quite heavy and over the top in a total wall of sound all out start that demands your attention from the go type. I like it a lot, and have to apologize for the lo-fi MP3s i’m offering. They were the best i could find. Maybe one day i’ll actually own a copy of the record and will here it in its true form, which would be rad. Ok, here ya go.

Ronnie Bird – Sad Soul (1969)
Ronnie Bird – Raining in the City (1969)

Here’s a trailer to some French movie that uses Sad Soul (kicks in about 1.11) Kinda weird but totally cool and a big step up from the Killers or whatever douche gang would be playing if the movie was American Made (trade mark)

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One Response to “Ronnie Bird’s Sad Soul and Tired Mind”

  1. Mona Says:

    This is not a French movie, but a Moroccan one, and the title is “Marock”. I discovered the song sad soul and tired mind in this movie that was a big success in our country, and the track is totally cool!

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